Saturday, January 31, 2009

Career Value

Yes, there is such a thing as career value and it varies from person to person. Your career value is the combination of several factors. The higher you rank on each factor, the higher your career value.

Now, I can't tell you where you rank because the ranking system may vary from employer to employer. I can however give you a heads up as to which factors are considered when an employer determines your career value.

Career Value Factor #1: Experience

If you are applying for a position, let's say a Nurse, the employer will look at how much experience you having in nursing. They don't care that you were a cashier, they don't care that you tried sales, they are only concerned with your experience as a nurse.

Career Value Factor #2: Consistency

So, they know you have experience, but what is that experience like? Did you try nursing for two years, leave the industry and go back five years later? How long have you been at each position? They look for patterns, both positive and negative.

Career Value Factor #3: Achievements

What have you done that puts you above the rest? Have you received any awards? Did you develop a new product? Do you own your own company? Did you develop a new design idea? What have you done that screams out "WOW!"

Career Value Factor #4: Education

This varies from employer to employer. Some employers prefer experience over education, some education over experience, some look for both. Having an education will land you on the safe side, but won't prevent you from landing a job.

Career Value Factor #5: Languages

If you are fluent in two or more languages, you are considered an asset! With companies constantly seeking ways to expand their customer base and geographical presence, your career opportunities are almost endless!

Career Value Factor #6: References

This is an important one. What do people think of you and what have their experiences with you been? If you are a hard worker and easy to work with, great! If you are stubborn and always late, good luck! Make sure the person knows they are a reference and make sure they are going to give good feedback.

Career Value Factor #7: Referrals

If you were referred to an employer, your career value just went through the roof, especially if the referrer has a good reputation with management. Being referred means when a problem came up, you were the first expert to come to mind. Good job!

Career Value Factor #8: Self Worth

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as an asset to any company? Confidence in your work and confidence in your ability help to motivate your success. Companies love this! If you are not confident in yourself or your abilities, what makes you think anyone else will be either?


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