Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Careers to Pursue and Refrain From During a Recession

During a recession, disposable income tends to dissipate. For some people, purchasing the bare necessities can be difficult. So before you decide which career path to take, look over the following lists below.

Careers to Pursue

Health Care $50,000 +
People will always get sick creating a constant demand for Health Care. Depressions rates are often at a high creating an additional need. Examples include: Doctors, Nurses, Pediatricians, Specialists, and Therapists.

Transportation $30,000 +
Unable to afford the extreme gas prices, people opt for taking the city bus or subway. Examples include: City Bus Driver and Subway Driver.

Beauty $30,000 +
Presentation has always been and will continue to be important to an individual and required by their boss. Examples include: Hairdressers and Barbers.

Education $30,000 +
People don't pull their children out of school just because of a recession and often times, adults go back to school in hopes of pursuing a more promising a different career path. Examples include: Elementary School Teachers, Teacher's Aides, College Professors, Principals, Deans and Custodians.

International Business $60,000 +
When business isn't being done here it is being done overseas. This career will not only survive but thrive during tough times.

Bankruptcy Law $75,000 +
Unfortunately, many Americans simply can't survive when a cut-back or lay-off occurs. Bankruptcy numbers increase dramatically during a recession.

Debt Management $50,000 +
In a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy, debt management offices become flooded.

Grocery $30,000 +
People stop eating out and start eating in, and people need food to survive. Examples include: Butchers, Managers, Cashiers and Baggers.

Internet $25,000 +
Why go to the store when you can shop at home for less? Further, people have a lot more free time on their hands and as statistics show, a majority of that free time is spent online.

Research & Development $75,000 +
Businesses will always invest money into finding better, faster, more cost-effective ways of producing a product and providing a service, especially when business isn't that great.

Casinos $50,000 +
Regardless of how tough the times are, gambling remains an addiction. In many cases, people gamble in hopes of striking it rich during a tough time. Examples include: Owners, Hostesses, Bartenders and Security.

Pharmaceuticals $75,000 +
Doctors will continue to write prescriptions and people will continue to take them. Anti-depressants are of the top prescribed during a recession. Examples include: Pharmacists and Drug Company Representatives.

Liquor Sales $50,000 +
For many Americans, when the times are tough they turn to alcohol in hopes of drinking away their problems. Examples include: Counter-Sales and Bartenders.

Auditor $50,000 +
When you can't find any other way to save money, you do it around tax time which is why auditors are always in demand, especially during tough times.

Public Safety $50,000 +
When the times are tough, people get tough too. Crime rates experience a slight increase, creating a demand for Police Officers and Fire Fighters.

Careers to Avoid

Sales $50,000 +
While a career in sales may pay well, they only pay well when things are being sold. When money starts to get tight people refrain from spending any money they don't have to.

Real Estate $50,000 +
Most Americans can't afford to live never mind shop around for a house. Regardless of how low financing rates go, you can't take advantage of them with destroyed credit!

Mortgages $50,000 +
If people aren't buying houses they don't need to apply for a mortgage.

Retail $30,000 +
These jobs are most readily available because people are being forced to leave the industry. Most retail jobs support sales made from disposable income. Examples include: Clothing Stores Cashiers Electronic Store and Department Store Cashiers.

Automobile Sales $30,000 +
Most Americans are refraining from driving, never mind purchasing a new car. Carpooling and city transportation become a more practical alternative for most individuals.

Construction $50,000 +
People are downsizing not upsizing, and going for old not new. Whether its housing or additions, not much is being built during a recession.

Marketing $50,000 +
While it may be the most needed, the Marketing departments are usually the first to go when companies attempt to cut-costs.

Travel $30,000 +
Traveling to work is enough of a problem, never mind hopping on a plane or planning a cruise. Even if someone wanted too, taking time off from work could cost them their job. Examples include: Flight Attendant, Hostess, Travel Agent or Cruise Ship Worker.


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